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    Discover Attractions in Riyadh

    From the Al Murabba Palace, Masmok Fort to wildlife and biking adventure, Fraser Suites Riyadh offers the perfect base to all who love to explore the amazing heritage sites and cultural discoveries.

    Malls that house international chain stores, reputable brands, play areas and great dining options are perfect for families and friends getting together to shop and chill out. In between the shopping trips and visits to places of attractions, complete your memories with authentic finds in the souqs, or traditional markets.

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    • Masmak Fort

      Symbolical of the early modern Riyadh, the clay and mud-brick fort that consists of four watchtowers and thick walls founded on stone blocks, is much visited by both visitors and students.

      Distance from Hotel: 3 km 37 mins Not Available 14 mins
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    • Al Murabba Palace

      One of the historic buildings in Riyadh, the palace is set in the site of a square.

      Distance from Hotel: 1.1 km 14 mins Not Available 8 mins
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    • Al Faisaliah Tower

      Designed by Norman Foster, the Riyadh’s first skyscraper is famous for its enormous 24m-diameter glass globe made of 655 glass panels.

      Distance from Hotel: 1.9 km 24 mins Not Available 10 mins
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    • National Museum

      One of the finest museums in the Middle East, here you will find evocative rock carvings, engaging models and a full-scale reconstruction of a Nabataean tomb from Madain Saleh.

      Distance from Hotel: 1.7 km 22 mins Not Available 7 mins
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    • Riyadh’s Landmark Tower

      At 302m high, the most distinctive feature of this tower is the steel-and-glass 300-ton bridge that offers a magnificent view of the city and beyond.

      Distance from Hotel: 2.2 km 28 mins Not Available 13 mins
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    • Salam Park

      With lots of greenery, fresh air and a beautiful man-made lake, the park is an ideal place to spend the weekend with loved ones.

      Distance from Hotel: 2.4 km 31 mins Not Available 11 mins
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    • Riyadh Zoo

      Immerse in the wild nature of the desert here in this zoo, which will keep the children captivated.

      Distance from Hotel: 6.3 km 1 h 19 mins Not Available 15 mins
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    • Nahda Park

      A joggers’ park that features an off-beaten path.

      Distance from Hotel: 9.2 km 1 h 57 mins Not Available 20 mins
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    • Dirab Golf & Country Club

      Tee off in the first grassed 18-hole golf course in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      Distance from Hotel: 74.6 km 15 h 11 mins Not Available 45 mins
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    • Najd Village

      For authentic Saudi food, the kasba (meat with rice) and the region’s specialty, hashi (baby camel) are not to be missed.

      Distance from Hotel: 10.1 km 2 h 10 mins Not Available 22 mins
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    • Spazio 77

      Lovers of international cuisines will enjoy the brasserie, coffeehouse, sushi bar, cigar bar and an oxygen bar here all within a centralised location.

      Distance from Hotel: 117 km 42 h Not Available 1 h 11 mins
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    • Burger Boutique

      The Middle East's first gourmet burger joint offers the best burgers in a designer’s setting.

      Distance from Hotel: 2.2 km 28 mins Not Available 13 mins
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    • Mirage Restaurant

      A popular Chinese restaurant that offers cuisine fit for the royals.

      Distance from Hotel: 2.2 km 28 mins Not Available 13 mins
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    • Kingdom Tower & Sky Bridge

      The ladies would enjoy the exclusive Ladies’ Kingdom on the first floor, in the most popular city icon of Riyadh.

      Distance from Hotel: 8.8 km 1 h 51 mins Not Available 21 mins
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    • Panorama Mall

      A mall that promises loads of fun for kids and adults alike, alongside shopping with a nice ambience.

      Distance from Hotel: 7.6 km 1 h 37 mins Not Available 22 mins
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    • Centre Point Mall

      A shopper’s haven that offers some of the latest and the trendiest fashion for men and women.

      Distance from Hotel: 10.5 km 2 h 12 mins Not Available 21 mins
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    • Centria Mall

      The mall offers prestigious brands with an international appeal.

      Distance from Hotel: 7.3 km 1 h 32 mins Not Available 23 mins
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    • Olaya Mall

      Here at this mall, you will find something for everyone at home, from the young to the old.

      Distance from Hotel: 9.4 km 1 h 59 mins Not Available 23 mins
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    • Sahara Mall

      A mall that offers all that you need, including a children’s playground.

      Distance from Hotel: 12.4 km 2 h 36 mins Not Available 28 mins
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    • Tahlia Street

      An interesting street that dazzles in the night, with lots to see, dine and shop as well.

      Distance from Hotel: 16.7 km 3 h 30 mins Not Available 23 mins
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    • Kingdom Tower & Sky Bridge

      An iconic of Riyadh, here you will enjoy magnificent views that encapsulate the city’s night life.

      Distance from Hotel: 8.8 km 1 h 51 mins Not Available 19 mins
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