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    The Most Instagrammable Places in Riyadh

    If you are looking for the best shots of Riyadh for your Instagram feed that are sure to impress your followers, then you are at the right place. From striking architecture to beautiful ruins, we have rounded up some of the best photo opportunities this city has to offer.

    Read on to discover the most instagrammable places in Riyadh, recommended by Omar Alsaggaf, Director of Sales & Marketing at Fraser Suites Riyadh.

    10- The Edge Of The World

    These cliffs rise dramatically from the desert, stretching toward the sky like a wall. When you stand on top of them and look toward the horizon, you have a great view of the sky as it melt into the horizon.

    A must-see when in Saudi Arabia, The Edge of the World is only a 2-hour drive from Fraser Suites Riyadh.


    Photo: / AFZALKHAN M

    9- Old Dir'aiyah

    Old Dir'aiyah is an oasis in the middle of the Desert of Saudi Arabia. It is located about 20 km from Riyadh and was the first capital city of the Saudis until it was destroyed in 1818. Today, it’s full of instagrammable ruins and sites.

    8- Wadi Namar

    This 2km-long dam is surrounded by green spaces, walkways and rocky hills with an artificial waterfall in the middle. You can ride bikes here, take long walks or simply relax by the lake and take some great photos.

    7- King Fahad Cultural Centre

    The King Fahad Cultural Centre is one of the most significant cultural centres in the region.The square building is covered by a filigree textile façade following traditional Middle Eastern architectural patterns. This is a great spot to try out different photo angles, and experiment with contrasts of light and shade.

    6- Al Masmak Fortress

    The clay and mud-brick fort was built around 1865 by the prince of Riyadh Abdulrahman ibn Sulaiman ibn Dabaan under the reign of Mohammed ibn Abdullah ibn Rasheed (1289–1315 AH), the ruler of Ha’il to the north, who had taken control of the city from the rival clan of Al Saud. It was used by King Abdulaziz from 1902 to 1938 until a new palace was constructed.

    It has since been restored and remains an important site in Saudi history, as well as one of the most instagrammable place in the city.


    Photo: / swisshippo

    5- Heet Cave

    Known for its crystal-clear waters, Heet Cave had to be on my list of the most instagrammable places in Riyadh. It’s the perfect spot to explore if you love adventure, as you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive in its waters.

    You will find the Heet Cave on the outskirts of Riyadh, making it one of the most easily accessible wild caves from Fraser Suites Riyadh.

    4- The Kingdom Centre Tower

    Take the high-speed lift to the 99th floor of the iconic Kingdom Center for this instagrammable spot. Suspended 300 metres above the city, the tower’s curved Sky Bridge offers spectacular views across Riyadh and beyond.

    If heights aren’t your thing, the exterior of the building is very instagrammable, too.


    Photo: Hala AlGhanim on Unsplash

    3- Wadi Hanifah 

    Located in the middle of the Najd Plateau, Wadi Hanifa is a beautiful valley running a length of nearly 120 km from the northwest to the southeast of the capital.

    With its water channels, green corridors, walkways and picnic spots, there are plenty of things to do and take photos of during a visit to Wadi Hanifa.

    2- Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Grand Mosque

    This is one of the largest mosques of the Saudi Kingdom. It has a seating capacity for up to 17,000 people and two libraries. The structure is made of stunning brown stone, which, when lit up at night, appears to be golden. A beautiful and very instagrammable sight to see.


    Photo: / vdvornyk

    1- Fraser Suites Riyadh

    Situated in the north side of the city, Fraser Suites Riyadh hosts 95 Gold Standard apartments for short or long-term stays in Saudi Arabia’s capital.

    The most instagrammable thing about Fraser Suites Riyadh? It has to be our rooftop pool and terrace. With stunning views our across the city, you are sure to take some stunning photos here, especially at sunset.


    When you stay at Fraser Suites Riyadh, some of the city’s most instagrammable places are on your doorstep. Located where Olaya Road meets Khurais Road, our suites offer the perfect base from which to explore Riyadh.

    Elegantly designed and luxuriously furnished, our exclusive studios and apartments offer business and leisure travellers comfort and class amongst a bustling district of history, culture and business. So, where will you explore first?