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    Here are the 6 things Riyadh is famous for

    For the majority of guests staying with us at Fraser Suites Riyadh, this will be their first time in this beautiful part of the world. And while Riyadh is a booming financial hub attracting many business guests, when it comes to having some downtime in the calendar, there is a common question that gets asked a lot;

    “What is Riyadh famous for?”

    1. We are the country’s, financial heart
    2. Shopping
    3. Sand Dunes
    4. Rich heritage
    5. Edge of the world
    6. Food

    As the capital of the country, there is a lot to see in our eclectic landscape; from the charm of the quaint old streets to the splendour of our skyscrapers. If you’re coming here soon and want to know the ins and outs of what makes Riyadh magical, here are the six things you need to know about our city.

    1. We are the country’s financial heart

    Riyadh has grown in recent years to become a major financial city. On arrival into King Khalid International Airport, you’ll see just how dynamic the skyline has become. The Riyadh Economic Forum has now become a key event in the business calendar, while more western businesses are making their new homes here.

    2. Shopping

    It’s not that we love shopping so much, but with the weather making certain times of day outside not the pleasantest experience, we prefer to stay indoors. And if you really want to cool down and relax, then nowhere is that better than at the mall.

    You’ll notice when driving around that there seems to be a lot of shopping centres and that’s for a good reason. Malls aren’t just shops but full of places for socialising and catching up. A quick trip to Riyadh Gallery will quickly show you why these spaces are the de facto meetup spots for locals.

    We do recommend you check out the old Souks if you have the time though. It gives a true sense of the older bazaar culture that is still present in the city.

    3. Sand dunes

    sand dunes

    For some locals, the surrounding desert is like one big playground. Nowhere is that more obvious than down at the Red Sand Dunes. At the weekend it is very popular after a long work week to go to the dunes and hop on a quad bike to race around. It’s also a very tourist-friendly spot with camel rides and walking trails as part of a guided tour. 

    It’s only a little bit out of own but feels like a million ways away; a must for anyone looking to try something new and gain a unique experience during their stay.

    4. Rich heritage

    Stand on the Sky Bridge at Kingdom Center, and you’ll be able to see just how dynamic the city’s landscape is. While we have many modern buildings popping up, you can still see pockets of history standing tall like Al Masmak Fort and Ad Diriyah.

    We embrace our rich history and make as much of it as accessible as possible: Riyadh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while Masmak Fort is now a quasi-museum housing artefacts that give you an insight into our rich history.

    5. Edge of the world

    Just half an hour from Fraser Suites Riyadh’s front doors is where you’ll encounter the Edge of the World, an incredibly popular hiking spot south-west of town. You can only reach it on foot, and when you go for a walk in the colder months you’ll quickly see why the views are worth it. The peak leads you to uninterrupted vistas that will truly make you feel like you’ve reached the edge of the world. 

    6. Our food is dynamic

    riyadh food saudi arabia

    Because Riyadh is known as an enclave for many different cultures, it has become a bit of a literal melting pot for not only Middle Eastern food but a mixture of influences from as far as America to Italy. This has led to the transformation of popular dishes like Kabsa, Shawarma and the phenomenon of broasted meats. Guests are often envious when leaving they won’t be able to get the same taste sensations back home.

    What else is there to do in Riyadh? 

    Visiting our city soon and wondering what there is to get up to? Fraser Suites Riyadh has information on all the main attractions in Riyadh so you can make the most of your time here.